Privacy Policy - Duckworth and Kent (Reading) LTD
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Privacy Policy

Duckworth and Kent (Reading) LTD; Privacy Notice

At Duckworth and Kent (Reading) LTD; we are committed to ensuring customer and supplier trust in our services. This extends from the services we provide, to our website and how we handle any data provided from you (our Customer & Suppliers). In our privacy policy; we detail when and what information we collect, why we collect this and under which circumstances this data is used.

We use two types of third party services ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Who is Visiting’ which monitor and collect anonymised information. This is standard and used across the internet. We use these services; to provide us with the number of site visitors, frequency of visits, how you find/access our website. This is in order to improve how you see our website and company. All information is non identifiable. 

Only personal information provided from yourself (Customer, Suppliers); is held within our companies secure, audit logged CRM system. 

You have the right to confirm and request deletion of any personal information that we hold. This includes but not limited to Name, Email Address and Job Title.

We may periodically send promotional and engagement emails; alongside any information which may interest yourself using the provided email address stored.

We are committed to ensuring your information is secure, unauthorised access is prevented through safeguards in place.

Links to other websites which may be available are not affiliated or associated with ourselves. We do not have any control over any other website, including their policies and procedures. Whilst visiting any other website, caution should be exercised and time taken to review their privacy policy.

We reserve the right, to amend and update our privacy policy at any point in time.

Please contact for any information regarding our policy; with the subject ‘Privacy Policy’